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A small school community with strong academics and personalized learning

Collegiate has been an amazing experience. I have seen the improvements my daughter has made at this high school: The curriculum and the rigorous learning have made my daughter work at a college level. Also, I love how the staff goes above and beyond encouraging each child to be accepted to a four-year university. I would really recommend this school to anyone!
— Parent from the College Class of 2024

100% of seniors in the class of 2019 earned admission to four-year colleges and universities for fall 2019.



The mission of Collegiate Charter High School of Los Angeles is to prepare all scholars in grades nine through twelve for success in four-year colleges, professional careers, leadership in their communities, and lives of opportunity.

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A bold promise sets us apart from traditional high schools across Los Angeles: preparation for four-year colleges for all of our scholars — not just for the lucky few. We know that every child enters high school with different strengths, needs, and areas for improvement. We know that all children — regardless of race, class, socioeconomic status, home language, disability, or country of origin — can achieve at the highest academic levels when properly supported and challenged.

Collegiate’s school design borrows foundational practices from the highest-performing college preparatory high schools across the country that are working to support diverse learners. Three key features comprise our school model and permeate our culture: (1) relentlessness about academic rigor, (2) a commitment to personalized learning, and (3) a school community that champions team and family.


Academic Rigor

We know from research and experience that children learn best and achieve their potential when all teachers hold them to high academic expectations. Collegiate commits to providing an academically rigorous high school curriculum and to holding all of our scholars to high academic standards! Rigorous features of our academic program include:

  • Four years of college readiness aligned courses in literature, writing seminar, math, lab sciences, and social sciences for every scholar as part of the school’s graduation requirements

  • A required course of study that exceeds the University of California A-G requirements so that 100% of our scholars are on track to apply to college by 12th grade

  • Ten College Board Advanced Placement (AP) courses offered to all scholars so that scholars can earn college credits in high school for free

  • A school-wide mastery-based grading policy and standards-aligned curriculum to ensure that scholars, parents and colleges receive grade reports that reveal accurate, authentic data about scholars’ skill levels and college preparation


Personalized Learning

We promise to support all scholars in meeting our high academic expectations and to truly prepare them for what lies ahead in college after 12th grade. To do this, we personalize how we support each Collegiate scholar every day of their high school experience. Examples of how we personalize learning at Collegiate include:

  • Small class sizes (14-to-1 scholar to faculty ratio) to maximize the attention each scholar receives

  • Daily individual and small-group tutoring available with teachers during the school day

  • Weekly one-on-one academic advising

  • Dedicated intervention support classes for scholars struggling in reading and math

  • Special summer programs on college campuses for scholars with accelerated skills

  • Individual college admissions and financial aid counseling for every scholar and their family

  • Free daily College Board SAT exam prep course during 11th grade

  • Robust services for scholars with disabilities


Team & Family

Education is more than reading, writing, and math. Core to Collegiate’s academic program is a focus on developing our scholars’ social-emotional skills and their capacity to lead in their communities — present and future. As a school, we emphasize teamwork and partnership at all levels: scholar-with-scholar, scholar-with-teacher, scholar-with-family, teacher-with-teacher, and teacher-with-family. Team and family takes the following forms at Collegiate:

  • Teachers working collaboratively and closely in grade level teams to support each scholar’s success

  • Explicitly teaching our scholars teamwork, character, and kindness through advisory, class time, sports and performing arts

  • Annual three-day overnight college visits with an emphasis on community-building

  • A parent volunteer program and parent workshops

  • Weekly advisor phone calls home to parents with progress report updates