College acceptances

Collegiate’s founding class of 12th graders will graduate in June 2019. As of Friday, March 1, 2019, 100% of the founding class has earned admission to four-year colleges and universities for fall 2019.



Percentage of 11th Graders Meeting or Exceeding the Standard on the CAASPP/SBAC Exam (2018)

2018 California Assessment of Student Progress & Performance (SBAC)

College board SAT Exam

100% of Collegiate scholars in the graduating class of 2019 took the College Board SAT exam in spring of 11th and fall of 12th grade.

Comparison Data: Average SAT Scores (2018)

Each section of the SAT is scored out of 800 points.

* “ERW” denotes the Evidence-based Reading & Writing portion of the exam.

** Low-income: As determined by whether the student used a fee waiver for the exam.

Percentage of Students Meeting College Ready Benchmarks (2018)

College Board College Ready Benchmarks:

  • ERW = 480

  • Math = 530

* Reported percentages for LAUSD represent 2017 data as published 2018 data is not yet available.


college board advanced placement

100% of scholars in the graduating class of 2019 have completed 2+ Advanced Placement (AP) courses and the corresponding AP exams.



100% of current Collegiate scholars are on track to complete the A-G requirements in time for graduation from Collegiate. This makes our scholars eligible to apply to any UC or CSU in California!