Collegians, click on the "Review My Grades" button below to access Illuminate and view your grades, transcript, credits, and assignments. Missing your login details or having trouble accessing the portal? Please send a professional email to your advisor to advocate for help.


Dean's List

As a Collegiate scholar, you can access your merit data real-time through our Dean's List portal. Log into Dean's List to review your merit report, attendance, and eligibility for different upcoming events and trips.


Credits Map

As a school, we carefully track and monitor every scholar's progress toward graduation, closely following your credits and advising on course selection to make sure that you stay on track for graduation and that the course of study you complete exceeds the A-G requirements. We want to help you select a course of study that matches your interest and that will help you be best positioned for the college application process. You can review your progress toward graduation and plan your electives selection using the Collegiate course map.


School events calendar

Check the school calendar to keep yourself apprised of upcoming trips, dances, senior events, exam schedules, athletics games, dance and theater performances, and family celebrations.


Scholar & Family Handbook

Check the handbook for school-wide policies.