At a glance

Mission: Collegiate Charter High School of Los Angeles will prepare all students in grades 9 through 12 for success in four-year colleges, professional careers, leadership in their communities, and lives of opportunity.

Year founded: 2015

School type: independent public charter school

Charter authorizer: Los Angeles Unified School District

Accreditation: Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)

Current enrollment: 170

Grade levels served: 9-12

School hours:

  • 7:15 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Thursday

  • 7:15 am to 12:15 pm Friday

Please see our daily schedule.

Student-to-teacher ratio: 16 to 1

Student demographics:

  • 96% eligible for free/reduced price lunch

  • 95% Hispanic/Latino; 5% African American

  • 19% students with IEPs

  • 11% English Learners

  • 86% will be first in family to graduate from a 4-year college or university

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is Collegiate located?

A: Collegiate is collocated on the historic Belvedere Middle School campus in East Los Angeles at 312 North Record Avenue right off of East Cesar Chavez Avenue. The campus features a basketball gym, soccer and baseball fields, a theater, science labs, and a dance studio. We are located in the southwest building, separate from the middle school’s classrooms. When visiting the school, please use Collegiate’s entry gate located near the corner of North Record Avenue and Michigan Avenue. At the gate, you will buzz the gate bell to be admitted by a member of our staff.



Q: Is Collegiate tuition-free? 

A: Yes! Collegiate is a California public charter school, and our students' families do not pay tuition. Just like a traditional public school, we receive state and federal funding. 


Q: Who can attend Collegiate? How do I apply for admission?

A: Any high school student residing in California may attend Collegiate. You do not need to live in a specific neighborhood or zip code to become a student at our school. There are no tests or other requirements that students must meet in order to become a Collegiate student. To apply for admission, visit to submit an application today.


Q: What courses does the school offer?

A: Collegiate offers a breadth of exciting college preparatory courses, including 11 different Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Collegiate requires that all students complete the A-G requirements in order to earn a high school diploma from Collegiate. This will ensure that every student is on track to be admissible to the University of California and a number of selective private colleges where they can often receive the strongest financial aid packages for college. Please review the school’s course offerings page for details.


Q: What types of electives and sports can students participate in at Collegiate?

A: Students can choose from the following options:

  • Ambassadors

  • Basketball

  • Dance

  • Music

  • Soccer

  • Robotics

  • Student Government

  • Theater

  • Volleyball (spring only)

  • Yearbook


Q: How does the school help students who are applying to college?

A: At some high schools, the college counselors make appointments by request or only work with a select group of students on college applications. At Collegiate, working with the college counselor to complete college applications is a graduation requirement! Every student must prepare a complete application to a best-fit 4-year college in order to earn a Collegiate high school diploma. Our college counselor will start working with your families in the winter of their 11th grade year to begin this exciting process.

Additionally, we provide free SAT Prep built into the school day for every 11th grade student. Every year, we take a 3-day trip to visit colleges around California. Every student in the school is invited on this trip.


Q: What skills or traits can help me be a successful student at Collegiate?

A: Our goal is to prepare 100% of students not just to go to college but to be successful there and earn a Bachelor’s degree. To help you achieve this big goal, we have a curriculum for all Collegiate students that is academically challenging, so that every student reaches college truly prepared. To succeed at Collegiate, students must commit to:

  • Coming to school every day on time, ready to focus and learn

  • Completing 1.5 to 2.5 hours of nightly homework

  • Maintaining a growth mindset, which means working hard to learn new skills even if at first they are difficult or don’t come naturally to you


Q: What types of extra support does the school provide for students who struggle academically?

A: Collegiate commits to supporting every student who is ready to do the hard work of getting ready for college, no matter the student’s skill level when s/he first enters the school. The support that we provide comes in many forms including:

  • Daily reading and math intervention courses

  • A school-wide advisory system

  • Daily tutoring

  • Co-teaching for extra support in classes


Q: Does Collegiate serve students with special needs and/or learning disabilities?

A: Collegiate serves any student, no matter his or her learning style or cognitive ability. Our Special Services Coordinator works with our teachers to identify students with special needs and ensure that they are set up for success in our school by providing them with carefully targeted support. Notably, Collegiate implements an inclusion model, which means that we meet the vast majority of our students with IEPs' learning needs within the context of our mainstream classrooms.


Q: Does Collegiate have a uniform?

A: Yes, all students in the school wear the school’s uniform to show community, professionalism, and school pride. Each student receives a free uniform polo shirt upon enrolling in the school. Additional uniform items are available for purchase in the school’s main office every day.


Q: Are breakfast and lunch offered at the school?

A: Yes, breakfast and lunch are offered to all students. We participate in the Federal School Lunch program, which provides free or reduced-cost meals to qualifying students.


Q: What types of technology do students at the school have access to?

A: Every student has a Chromebook laptop computer and a TI-84 graphing calculator, which students borrow from the school each year.


Q: What types of opportunities are there for parents to be involved?

A: Parent involvement takes many forms. We ask parents to commit to attending their students’ advising conferences in person every 6-8 weeks. Parents can also serve on our School Site Council, attend monthly college access workshops and family potlucks, and volunteer in the school. Parents may also sit in on classes if they would like to observe their student’s performance in class firsthand. 

Every parent and every student has every teacher’s phone number and email address, and we encourage parents to maintain close communication with their students’ advisors and teachers on a weekly basis. We also have a web-based portal for grades and behavior, so that parents can use their phones, laptops or tablets to go online and check their students’ behavior logs and grades each day and week. The school sends home a weekly merit report every Thursday, which displays the student’s behavior report and school-wide updates and upcoming important dates. We also send home a monthly newsletter. The school sends phone calls and texts daily whenever a student is missing from school, has missing or low-quality homework, or has been struggling to meet expectations in class.


Q: How does Collegiate recruit and select teachers?

A: Identifying, recruiting, and developing wonderful teachers, who are great in the classroom and great at advising students, is the most important work that Collegiate's school leaders do! We are working to build a world class team of experienced educators who can teach their academic content really well and really inspire their students to be their best selves. If you know a great teacher who may be interested in joining Collegiate's founding team, please contact our Executive Director Vanessa Jackson with details:; (323) 594-6486.


Q: Is Collegiate a for-profit corporation?

A: No! Collegiate is a public school and a nonprofit organization. This means that most of our funding comes from the federal government and the State of California. The organization invests all of its money in the school to provide high quality programming and services for our students. We have an independent board of directors, and none of the individuals on the board are paid for their service; none of them makes a profit from the school.


Q: How can I learn more about the school?

A: Please call us today to schedule a tour! A member of our school leadership team is eager to meet with your family, arrange for you to sit in on classes, and speak with a current Collegiate student and/or parent. You can reach us between 7:30 am and 5:00 pm: (213) 304-7077.