There is not a school or a district in America that has figured out how to truly serve every single child exceptionally well....not systematically....not yet. And yet every single child deserves excellence.
— MaryAnn Holland, Principal, Collegiate Charter High School of Los Angeles

Why We Do This Work

Historically in Los Angeles County, just 12% of students who have come through the K-12 system have gone on to earn a college degree. And yet research shows that economic outcomes, health outcomes, and social outcomes for individuals with four-year college degrees are significantly stronger than for non-degree earners. Collegiate’s team of educational professionals commits fiercely to one audacious goal: the promise that every single one of our scholars gets the excellent education they deserve in order to be ready for success at the four-year college of their choice.


What We Look For

We look for the following traits and commitments in prospective team members:

  • You’re humble, hungry, and smart.

  • You love kids. You are willing to work incredibly hard for their success.

  • You have very high expectations — for yourself, your colleagues, and your scholars.

  • You invest time, energy and care in your relationships with teammates, scholars, and families.

  • You’re committed to this work for the long haul: This is not a this year job for you; it’s a life project.


Open Positions

We are growing our school and growing our team! We are currently recruiting hungry, humble, smart professionals for the following roles:


Application Process

To apply for a role with Collegiate, please email your 1-to-2-page resume and a one-page formal cover letter to Executive Director Vanessa Jackson:

Successful applicants will undertake a five-step selection process:

  1. Resume and cover letter screen

  2. Invitation to submit our formal candidate application

  3. Initial phone interview

  4. Submission of professional artifacts

  5. In-person finalist interview day at the school with performance tasks

  6. Review of professional references and criminal background check